The Art Wall – March 2019

Bio’ of this month’s Artist – Francesca Bantock;

FRANĆESCA was born in South Africa to British parents and has lived in Wales since 1989. She comes from a long line of artists and has been drawing and painting since the age of five. She trained as an actress and director and worked in theatre for over thirty years, as well as teaching art and drama.

“Since living in Wales, I have been experimenting with a different style, using simplified and rapid strokes of ink, and amplification of colour, with huge emphasis on space, that I find most pleasing and effective.”

Francesca’s work includes: thumbnail sketches of people she sees around and about; oil flower studies and landscapes, ‘Krazy Kats’ and ‘Skinny-Malinks’ girls; accurate pen portraits of musicians with their instruments; subtle spiritual drawings; goblins and faeries in trees; portraits of friends; nudes; cats; clowns; studies of girls and women; cartoons of famous people.

She also makes clay objects, Habotai silk scarves; papier-mâché; batiks; miniature wooden dolls and many other things – and is a poet and writer!

Visit the Café to see more of her work.

The display runs until the 31st March.