Syrian Refugee Families

Bring and Share Buffet lunch for Llandrindod Syrian Refugee Families
Sunday 3rd February 2019

A great time was had when the Herb Garden Community Cafe hosted three Syrian families who have recently been housed in Llandrindod Wells. Mums dads and children came to the event with their support workers and Llandrindod Wells Refuge Support who organized the occasion

The Syrian families provided traditional dishes for the bring and share buffet which were colourful, appetizing, and greatly appreciated. One of the family members is a chef who suggested that he would be happy to prepare a Syrian menu for one of the Herb Gardens Friday Night events. Watch this space!

Suitable games were provided for the children to overcome any language barriers, although the children spoke english very well and were happy to talk about their new homes in Llandrindod and how they were enjoying being our local schools

Two delightful little girls played happily in the children’s corner . Jengo was popular as was a game of cards called UNO lead by one of the adults. The atmosphere was very relaxed , friendly and enjoyable and encapsulated the spirit of the Herb Garden as a Community cafe.

The event has triggered some new ideas to attract more individuals and groups to use the space and help the Herb Garden Cafe to grow and prosper as an exciting community resource.