We are closing down.

We regret to inform our customers and supporters that, due to continuing adverse trading conditions in the hospitality sector, and further as a result of the Covid19 restrictions, the Herb Garden Community Café will cease trading as of close of business today (30th September) and the company wound up. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the venture, whether as a customer, shareholder or employee, but particularly our volunteers. Without your participation, we would not have been able to continue to provide much needed support to worthwhile local charities, community groups, and vulnerable individuals and groups, some of whom may not have been able to access support through formal channels. Community spirit is alive and well, unfashionable or not!

Although the café is closing in its current form, there are plans to re-open it as a private concern. This process will be led by our current operational management and staff. During this planning phase, the café will remain closed until everything is in place. We hope it will not be too long until this step is concluded and the café can open for business in its new form.

We look forward to welcoming you when it does!